Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank You Giveaway!

I've been writing this little blog for just under three months now. I had no idea how much fun it would be and I certainly never expected people, other than perhaps my immediate family, to actually read it on a regular basis. Next thing I knew I had a few followers. That was kind of exciting! This week I hit 100 followers. You guys just blow me away! You read, you comment and you inspire me!

This whole blogging thing happened because I've teamed up with some friends to explore a little adventure called Elizabeth & Co. In just two weeks, we're going to have our first Vintage Tag Sale! We are so excited, but also exhausted. I've basically spent the entire summer in the garage painting. At the end of the day, I love sharing my projects with you. Your feedback is so helpful and I learn so much from what you do and create. So a huge thank you to all of you!

Obviously, you deserve a giveaway!

I thought I'd share with you one of my very favorite Etsy shops - Handmade by Molly. The girl works magic with fabric! She makes the most adorable jewelry cases, mini totes, glasses cases, craft organizers and roll up market bags. They are all so nicely made and her fabrics are so soft and beautiful. You can even choose your own fabric combinations.

I love the vintage buttons.

Look inside

Megan discovered Molly when she was searching for gifts for her bridemaids last summer. Each girl picked her own fabric and the sweet little monogram made them extra special. They were a big hit!

Chirping Birds on a mini tote.

Blue Wallflower, does this pattern look familiar?

A little craft organization.

And my personal favorite, the roll up market bags. They are pretty, useful and environmentally friendly. Mine goes with me everywhere! And I love giving these as gifts to my girlfriends. It's fun to pick a fabric to match their personality. Megan loves yellow, so she has one covered in lemons. It is just too darn cute!

And it really does roll up. Perfect for all those little treasures you find at the flea market!

So, I am giving away a market bag in the blue wallflower pattern because it matches my blog!

The rules are super simple -

The giveaway is open to all followers, old and new. Just leave me a comment, any comment at all.

If you'd like an extra chance to win, head on over to Molly's shop and check it out. Then come back and tell me what you liked best (you'll like it all).

That's it. You may enter through August 31st. A winner will be chosen at random and if you are the lucky winner, I'll send you a lovely market bag - Handmade by Molly!

And guess what, Molly writes a blog too. Not only does she have an amazing talent with fabric, but she has teamed up with her sisters and cousins for a little thrifting adventure of their own. They just had their first vintage sale this summer. A girl after my own heart!

Thanks again for stopping by. I love sharing the adventure!


Anonymous said...

Wow -- I'm first. What an honor. I enjoy your blog, Sharon, and I'm happy for you on your 100 followers -- a major milestone. Please include me in this very nice giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I loved Molly's morning glory shopping tote. Is there a way that actually makes shopping even more fun? The answer appears to be yes -- just bring this tote with you. It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the giveaway!

ChRiS said...

congrats on 100 followers i have been 1 for awhile and enjoy your talent so gl and lots of sucess!!

ChRiS said...

Molly has alot nice things i have a weakness for totes so i must admit i love the market tote!

NanaDiana said...

Sharon-I liked your blog from the moment I first popped in! Isn't it amazing how blogging can connect us with so many people that we would never meet by chance? I'm loving the tote - please sign me up! Diana

Chris said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I love Molly's items, but especially the roll-up market tote. Who couldn't use a few of those?

Cassie Bustamante said...

you know i am a follower! love your blog, sharon! and i think your person is pretty amazing, too!

Cassie Bustamante said...

and the wallflower tote that you selected is my actual fave! i love that pattern- the colors and shapes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I so enjoy watching the next project you are working on. Congrats on over 100 followers.


Anonymous said...

Molly certainly has wonderful taste in fabric, not to mention the quality of her handmade items. I loved the brown lace tote, and am thinking about the heart tote for my niece.


Dee said...

I love the morning glory tote! Congratulations on the 100 followers!

Nancyella said...

Still trying to get my posts to work! Hope it will so I can be part of this contest. Best wishes on the sale.

Screaming Meme said...

Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme...I stumbled upon your blog and love it! Your blog is beautiful! I look forward to reading your blog and seeing more wonderful treasures you create! Stop in sometime for a visit! Meme

Maria said...

Yay! I am a new follower. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope I win!

Maria said...

There are so many pretty fabrics, it is hard to choose. But, my favorite thing in her shop is the Blue Poppies Jewelry Case. Ingenious!

lindah said...

I just found your blog, and love what I am seeing...those market bags are great...thanks so much for the giveaway!

judy van houte said...

just found your blog also.....love the market bags....nice job on the blue bedroom furniture!

Jen said...

LOVE your blog, its awesome, I am so happy I discovered it!