Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Tonight is the night

When dry leaves fly

Like witches and switches

Across the sky,

When elves and sprite

Flit through the night

On a moony sheen.

Tonight is the night

When leaves make a sound

Like a gnome in his home

Under the ground,

When spooks and trolls

Creep out of holes

Mossy and green.

Tonight is the night

When pumpkins stare

Through sheaves and leaves


When ghoul and ghost

And goblin host

Dance round their queen

It's Halloween.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Perfect Bedside Table

I found this little table at a flea market. The top was a bit worn and the bottom shelf needed a little work, but I was in love with the little shelves. I thought it would make a perfect bedside table.

First up, a thorough sanding and a coat of primer. Then three coats of a soft mossy green (Spanish Moss from Martha Stewart). Yes, I've done a few pieces in this color.

And with these softer colors, I really like doing a white glaze - just a bit of white paint mixed with Valspar's Clear Mixing Glaze works really well.

With this fresh new color, I opted for a cute knob. The original hardware was just a bit too traditional.

And I finished it up with a coat of my favorite wax (Minwax Paste Finishing Wax) for a really smooth finish. More details on glazing and waxing here.

And here she is, the perfect bedside table!

Can't you just see a stack of books on these shelves just waiting for a bedtime read? Or maybe a stack of decorating magazines!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

One More Thing

So I told you about the great sale I went to last weekend. I've been trying to stock up a bit on furniture so that I have some projects to help get me through the winter. But there was one thing I was not quite ready to share. It was a gift for Megan and I wanted her to see it first. I am happy to report that she loves it!

Megan absolutely loves to read! She is my go-to source for book recommendations. And as a high school English teacher and advisor for the school newspaper, she encouraged her students to read as well. And if you are ever on Cash Cab and need help with a question, call Megan. She knows what's going on in the world. One reason for that is that Megan starts every morning with a cup of tea and The New York Times. It's the home page on her computer. And she regularly forwards articles to me and to her friends.

So, when I came across this vintage New York Times newpaper rack, I knew it was meant for Megan!

I love to give presents and try to make them personal and unique. I think this one fit the bill perfectly!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Few More Things

Yesterday, I told you about how I'm stocking up on furniture to paint over the winter. I shared my finds from the yard sale that Karla sent me to. Four fully loaded SUV's full of great stuff for under $100. I was thrilled!

But as often happens, there were a few things that I regretted not buying.

This morning I headed out to see if maybe those items on my mind were still available. The gentleman was working in his barn with his young grandson. They were actually feeding the cows. It was so cute! And yes, and the objects of my desire were still there!

Ok, seriously, isn't this a great glider?

I'm going to put it on the front porch at the house where we have our tag sales. It's the house where my husband's grandparents lived. The glider is in really great shape and it's even our color - blue.

Well, when I came home with the glider today, my husband says, "That's just like the glider that used to be on my grandparent's porch when I was a little boy." ... Oh my goodness!!!

The second object of my desire is something I can't share just yet. It's a gift for my daughter Megan. I saw it out of the corner of my eye at the sale, but got distracted and then forgot to buy it. It's just so perfect for her! It's along the lines of the pull down map of Baltimore that I bought for Ryan earlier in the summer, both personal and unique. Ryan lives in Baltimore and loves maps. It was a perfect gift and a great conversation piece hanging in his home. And aren't they always the best gifts? The unexpected things you just happen to find along the way that instantly remind you of someone. I can't wait till Megan sees what I found for her!

And I did come home with one more thing. Karla was eyeing this trunk at the yard sale, but didn't buy it. I think she had the same problem I had. There was just too much good stuff to look at. The gentleman told me this was the trunk he took along to 4-H fairs when he was a little boy. Wow, another childhood memory! When I told him I was going to give the trunk to Karla as a thank you for making sure I made it to this sale and for helping to get all my finds home, he said I could have it for free!

And so I headed home with my 5th load of great stuff, with a really big smile and a full heart. The gentleman's name was Henry. And he really was a gentleman! He loaded every single piece of furniture for me. I tried to tell him that I carry furniture around all the time, but he wouldn't hear of it. ... It's not just about the great finds out there. It's about the people you meet along the way. Nice meeting you Henry!

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