Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pretty In Pink

Lately I seem to be buying pink things. I really don't have all the much pink in my house, but it feels fresh right now. And a little bit of soft pink just seems to feel light and summery. Here are a few of my recent thrift store finds.

While shopping for paint at Home Depot this week, I came across the new line of Martha Stewart paint. I decided to try a sample bottle of Ballet Slipper Pink. It's a really nice shade, soft and subtle. I thought maybe I'd paint a few picture frames or other small items. Instead, I painted a cute little table and it turned out to be very sweet.

Don't you love the glass knob?

And by the way, I gave this little table two coats of paint and only used about half the sample bottle, which cost less than $3.00. The paint went on smoothly and covered well. I'm headed back to try some more new colors. Thanks Martha!

Are you feeling the need for a little pink?

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whitewashed Table

I found this table at a yard sale. The top is made from wide wood planks and the legs are chunky and fabulous. It didn't actually look like this at the yard sale. It was in a pile of pieces in the grass, but I knew it was going home with me.

My hubby gave me that "what is she thinking" look when I got home. But while I was at book club a few days later, he surprised me and put it all back together. Thanks dear!

A good sanding lightened the stains. They just added to the character. I loved the wood so much, I didn't want to totally cover it up. I decided to give it a whitewash and go for a beachy feel. I basically just diluted white paint with water and rubbed it on with a cloth.

It now has a beautiful aged patina.

A final coat of wax gave it a silky smooth finish. From a pile of pieces to a fabulous new table. I love it!

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Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Congratulations Ryan!

A shout out to Ryan for competing in his first triathlon!

He looks pretty good for someone who just spent the last two hours swimming (in a murky lake), biking and running!

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Have you discovered your inner athlete, taken on a new challenge or stepped outside your comfort zone lately?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Front Doors in Federal Hill

Real estate experts say that it takes a prospective home buyer only eight seconds to decide whether or not they will buy a house. First impressions are everything! But why only think about curb appeal when selling your house? The exterior of your home greets you each and every day. Is it warm and welcoming? Does it all come together to create the feel you want?

My son lives in the Federal Hill neighborhood in Baltimore. Federal Hill lies just south of the city's main business district, is adjacent to the famed Inner Harbor area and lies within walking distance of the Orioles and Ravens stadiums. It boasts a wide variety of shops, pubs, restaurants, museums and the popular Cross Street Market. It's a pretty great place to live. And if you like looking at houses, just grab your shoes and start walking.

Federal Hill has block after block of beautiful brick, late 19th Century row houses. I have been known to practically trip on uneven sidewalks or run into trees because I'm so busy checking out the houses. On my most recent visit, I decided to take my camera along and take pictures of front doors.

I'm always really taken with the differences in style, color and personality of people's entryways. It's the first thing noticed by visitors or passers-by. And check out the door knobs, knockers (lots of crabs and shells) and letterboxes too. It all comes together to create the first impression!

And finally, this is is Ryan's house. It's a rental and it was just put on the market, so he's moving around the corner. But the first thing they did before they put up the For Sale sign was give the front door a fresh coat of white paint.

And if a walk through Federal Hill leaves you hungry and thirsty, stop by my favorite spot, Pub Dog Pizza and Drafthouse. They have a very friendly staff, a cozy atmosphere and the best pizza selection, plus their own home-brewed beer and even root beer.

I'm sure you can find inspiration from a walk through your own neighborhood too!

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