Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Vintage Source

One of the perks of visiting my daughter in Southern Maryland is that we get to make a stop at The Vintage Source. This is one of my very favorite vintage shops. These girls really know where to find the good stuff! The Vintage Source is only open one weekend a month. This gives the girls plenty of time to find new treasures. Then they work their magic in the workshop in the back room of the store. These girls are seriously talented! ... And they were kind enough to let me take some pictures to share with you.

Too bad these cabinets were already sold!

Notice that the back wall of the shop is lined with old doors, very cool! (More on doors next time.)

Megan and her husband went to Vermont for their honeymoon, so of course she needed to pick up a few vintage sap buckets!

The Vintage Source is located in an old general store in Compton, Maryland. Michelle says that once you visit, you'll be hooked. She's not kidding! ... Thanks for letting us take the tour!

And if you are lucky enough to find yourself in beautiful Southern Maryland, be sure to visit Historic St. Mary's City, the site of Maryland's first capital. English settlers established the colony in 1634, not long after the founding of Jamestown and Plymouth. Today it is a National Historic Landmark and is recognized as one of America's best preserved archeological sites. A great trip for all ages!

And maybe you can just happen to go exploring history on a weekend that The Vintage Source is open!


Karla said...

Sharon - It's nice to get a glimpse into one of your favorite places. The Vintage Source looks like a fun place to visit. I think, no, I know, I would go a little crazy there!

molly susan strong said...

Hello! So glad to see you here. I love your daughters little touches. How lucky to have a good reason to go to The Vintage Source. Thanks so much for popping in and I so look forward to seeing you again soon.


Cheryl said...

Small world we live in. The Vintage Source is a few miles away from me. The girls shop at the same Habitat for Humanity that I do. I check out their website to see what they've done with some of the goodies that I've passed on because I have no where to put them or use them.