Friday, June 18, 2010

Desk/Work Station

I've been on the lookout for a nice big counter-height work station for a while. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, but I was pretty sure I'd know it when I saw it. So that was definitely on my wish list when I went to the Lucketts Spring Market a few weeks ago. Well, right off I saw a fabulous old hardware store counter for $450. I was so taken with it that my friend Karla immediately whipped out the camera and took a picture. Now, if I had my own super cool vintage store, it would have been so perfect. But sadly, I do not. I also didn't have $450 or a vehicle large enough to get it home.

We found lots of treasures that day, because of course you always find good stuff at Lucketts. But when we got home, we realized that in cramming all those treasures into the car, we forgot the mirror that went to a dresser I bought. It was a pretty great mirror, so that meant I had to go back to Lucketts again the next day (yes, my mirror was there waiting for me).

I recruited my friend Renae to go with me this time. She had a dining room buffet on her wish list. It was a wet and soggy day, but that was actually a good thing, as there were definitely deals to be made. I came across a booth in a muddy corner that had most of their items covered with big blue tarps. I lifed the corner of one of the tarps and saw a piece of white furniture and this price tag.

I asked if I could remove the tarp to see the whole piece. As I walked around and saw it from all angles, my heart started to beat a little faster. It was almost perfect. It had a nice big work surface, drawers for storages and finished wood panels all around. But could I make it higher? As I was pondering this question, the seller told me that she and her husband were just thinking about keeping it and turning it into their kitchen island. Clearly, we were thinking along the same lines. I really don't think she wanted to sell it, but her husband came over, started folding up the tarp and it was mine. Yippee!

My husband (fortunately for me, a handy engineer) helped me brainstorm options for making the desk higher and I really liked this plan. The first thing we did was draw a chalk outline of the desk on the floor of our garage. We then used 2x6's to build the base. The extra 6" was just what we needed to make the desk counter-height. We made it just big enough to fit the desk and a piece of trim molding all the way around. The idea was that the desk would just sit on top the base. This way, the piece would not become too large and heavy to move, plus the top could be lifted off the base at any time and simply used as a desk again.

After a quick coat of fresh paint, we were ready to put it together.

I think it all turned out pretty great! I got to go to Lucketts two days in a row, hang out with my girlfriends and buy all kinds of good stuff, including the work station that was at the top of my wish list. And if I ever do have a super cool vintage store, it would make a great counter. And guess what, Renae found the cutest buffet ever, so she was happy too!

And just in case you were wondering, the old hardware store counter was nowhere to be seen on day two. Someone went home with a really great piece!

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Karla said...

Clearly this was one of your best finds. I love that feeling when you find something so unique and at such a good price, that it fuels you for weeks afterwards.

terra @ said...

That is a darling desk. I found one for 2 bucks but it was ugly painted. If I don't resale it at my booth, I am going to redo it just like the one you got. Love the shabby white.

Brandy said...

That looks great, what a wonderful find.

Cat said...

Absolutely love this, girl!!!
Cat @

Anonymous said...

This deks is so awesome! I love it!! I have a desk very similar to this, but with drawers on both sides. I've been wanting to paint it, but my husband doesn't think I should. I'm gonna show him your desk...thanks!
Very ingenenous to add a base to the desk to raise it up. It turned out great!
Have a wonderful day!
~ Jo :)

Pam Kessler said...

That is beautiful. I would have never thought to raise it up the way you did. And for that price you just had to buy it.