Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Ribbon Pins

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? Going to the movies is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Every year my husband and I try to see as many of the nominated movies as possible. That makes it all the more fun to root for your favorite performances. Plus you know you want to see what everyone is wearing. But it is a long show. So last night I was prepared with a project. I guess you could say I was multi-tasking.

I made a batch of spring ribbon pins!

My obsession with ribbon pins started before Christmas.
I made them in various shades of red and green and gave them to all my friends.

This batch was attached to bags of yummy Sugared Pecans.

You can probably guess who got my favorite Purdy paint brush.

Yes, one for Karla and one for Susan.
Who else paints furniture as much as I do?

The girls are still wearing their pins on their winter coats. But spring in right are the corner (I hope!), so I thought I'd whip up a batch of new pins in spring colors. Want to give it a try?

It's super easy! Start with some 1 1/2 inch wired ribbon.

You'll need about 1 yard for each pin. These rolls each have 4 yards of ribbon.

I use felt squares for the backing. You can get 12 squares out of each piece of felt.
After I cut the squares, I use pinking shears to round them into circles.

Since the ribbon is wired, it is really easy to crimp.

Just keep going until the whole piece is crimped.
I also fold each end under so it's nice and neat.

Then starting along the outside of the felt, glue the ribbon in a circular fashion
towards the center. I use a hot glue gun.

This is what the back looks like.

Then hot glue a fun button to the center of your pin.
I always buy vintage buttons when I see them reasonably priced.

Flip it over and add a pin.

If your button has holes, be sure to sew some thread on it,
even though you are going to glue it down.

It just looks prettier this way!

And there you have it, a batch of pretty spring ribbon pins!

These are pretty attached to a jacket, a purse, a tote bag ..... well, pretty much anything!
They make great "bows" on presents too!

So, that's how I spent my night watching the Academy Awards!

I thought Natalie Portman looked especially beautiful last night. What a gorgeous dress! And her perfomance in Black Swan was amazing! And I loved Colin Firth in The King's Speech,
not to mention the fact that he is totally adorable! It was a fun night!

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