Monday, April 30, 2012

Why my garage has no furniture!

I have exactly one piece of furniture in my garage right now. And that's kind of a good thing because I really do like parking my car in the garage. But I really like painting furniture more. And even though we just wrapped up our spring tag sale, I know that our summer sale will be here before you know it. So I need furniture!

There was a time when my side of the garage was full of furniture. I had a nice little routine going. I would go to the gym a few mornings a week, then I would swing by the Goodwill on my way home. I could pretty much count on a good find at least once week.  Now I rarely even stop at the Goodwill. The reason - a dramatic rise in prices. But yesterday I was out meeting a client and thought maybe I'd give the Goodwill another try. But it was the same story I've been finding for the last few months. Case in point -  adorable dresser, right? It has a few veneer issues and the drawers need a little work, but nothing I haven't dealt with before. I should be doing the happy dance, right?

But here's my problem. Yes people, that is a $300 dresser at the Goodwill! We don't even sell dressers at our tag sales for $300 AFTER we work on them. ... Now please tell me, is this happening everywhere? ... My theory is that it's not just a reflection of the economy, but that thrift shopping has become quite trendy. That is a good thing for our tag sales, but it makes finding good pieces at reasonable prices more difficult. ... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I'll be honest, going to the Goodwill was just so darn easy. Yard sales and auctions are not my favorite things, but I maybe I need to learn to love them. Craigslist is not all that great in our area and there are not a whole lot of thrift stores or flea markets. ... So let me know, where are the best furniture finds in your area?

Now let me tell you about Karla's garage. You saw it here a few months ago. Remember all the chairs?  Well, Karla had slowly worked it down to almost nothing ... until her husband went to a barn sale and brought her four truck loads of new stuff!!!

Yes, it's all filled up again!

I love this little blue enamel top cabinet. It has the cutest door that just needs to be reattached. With a little love, it will be adorable! I told Karla that is was meant to be blue, no painting it a "neutral" color.

And just look at this old workbench that Karla found a spot for in her garden. There is another one just like it in the garage under all that stuff! Hmmm, I'm pondering!

And this is the stuff they decided not to keep. It was headed for the dump, but I intercepted it just in the nick of time!

And a few other pieces somehow found their way into my vehicle. So now that one dresser won't feel quite so lonely in my garage. But I still need furniture!!!

I guess we're all just one barn sale away from a whole garage full of furniture!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Spring 2012 Tag Sale

It was once again time to hang up our sign and host a tag sale!

From the front porch to the back porch, downstairs to upstairs, our little house was overflowing with vintage goodness this weekend!

Here's a little tour of what it looked like before all the craziness!

We always try to snap a group shot just before we open the doors.
That's Susan, Sharon (that's me), Roxane and Karla.Yes, a few people did ask if I was Elizabeth.You can read about how we got together and the meaning behind our name here.

The cute little aqua desk went home to five-year old Stella. 
She has a room filled with polks-dots.
How much fun is that! 

I have not mastered all the setting on my new camera, but let me just tell you that the light in this house is simply amazing!
I love the early morning, just before a sale.

Every time I put a new mirror on the mantel, we sold it!

The table and chairs that I shared over at Primitive & Proper on Friday found happy homes, just not together. How funny is that!

Patty brought her very strong husband and son to pick up this beautiful china cabinet made with my homemade chalk paint recipe. But Karla and I still have not recovered from watching them carry it down the porch steps. They got their momentum going and that thing literally flew out of here.
Oh my goodness, that was crazy!

Yes, a few girls really can fill an entire house!

I love writing quotes on the craft paper chalkboards all around the house. These are so fun and easy to make! We love this old house prefer not to put holes in the walls, just a little painter's tape does the trick.

Yes, you really can save the world!
(For real chalkboard art, be sure to check out the
amazing work of artist
CJHughes at

All the pink pieces found happy new homes with sweet little girls!

The very best part of the entire sale was the people! We catch up with old friends and make a few new ones at every sale.
Carole, Loretta and Peggy are three of our favorite loyal customers. These girls just light up our little house!

Lucile was our very first customer at our very first sale. She was an early bird and waited very patiently until finally she reached a handful of cash through the door and begged to buy a bench from the porch. She was so sweet, we just couldn't resist! This time she brought her husband along to help load up her goods.

I was so excited to finally meet Megan from Our Pinteresting Family. We chat regularly in the blog world, but just recently found out that she lives in the same neighborhood as Karla and Susan. You really need to check out all the great projects she shares on her blog. You'll get to meet the whole family! The cute little red rocker went home for her adorable daughter Wynn. Hope to see you again soon Megan!

If you follow along, you already know my daughter Megan, yes Megan Elizabeth. She solves all my blog issues and is my painting/crafting partner in crime. Ryan makes an appearance at almost all our sales and provides some much needed muscle. He is one sweet boy to come help us out! None of us could really do this without the support of our families!

So there you have it, our spring 2012 tag sale. A huge thank you to everyone who came out and supported us. You made this the biggest and best sale yet! And I especially appreciate our friends in the blog world who support us on a daily basis. You are the best!

Be sure to check back regularly to see what we girls are up to and get all the details about upcoming events. You can follow along or have our posts sent directly to your email so you don't miss a thing. And just shoot me an email if you would like to be added to our mailing list. ...... Our summer sale will be here before you know it!