Monday, August 2, 2010

Doors, Doors and More Doors!

Believe it or not, I did not go to a single yard sale this weekend. I've been hitting the sales pretty hard this summer and have accumulated quite a collection of good stuff, most of it furniture in need of a fresh coat of paint (if only it were that simple). The problem is that I'm accumulating faster than I can paint. So, my weekend was spent in the garage. I was very productive, but all the while, I was imagining all the great finds I was missing.

Now Karla, my friend and partner at Elizabeth & Co., was not home painting. She was out there making deals and snatching up the great finds!

On Thursday evening, Karla saw an ad in the paper for a yard sale that started on Friday morning. It didn't sound all that interesting, except right in the middle of the ad it said antique doors. Now that got her attention. There was also a phone number, so she thought she'd call ahead just to inquire about the doors. The seller said they were already setting up and Karla was welcome to come on over and check out the doors for herself. Needless to say, she did not hesitate.

Well, first of all, there was a barn - we love that! And out of the barn came 16 fabulous old doors!!! The doors came in all sizes, shapes, colors and with all sorts of different hardware and degrees of chippy paint. That's enough to make a girl weak in the knees.

The seller said the price for the solid doors was $15 each and the price of the doors with glass was $25 each. A bit pricey, but Karla had already spied a few favorites. She settled on two doors, paid the man $40 and headed home.

But as often happens, she had another thought. Maybe she should go back for just one more door. ... OK, one more solid door and another $15. Done. ... But as she looked longingly at the doors left behind, the seller said, "Ok, another $50 and you can have all the doors."

That's right, all 16 doors for $105. That's just $6.50 per door - a far cry from the initial asking price! And to top it off, he offered to deliver them to her house!!!

And when he made the delivery, he brought her an extra lockset, just for good measure.

Good thing I stayed home this weekend. Nothing was going to top this deal!

And lesson learned, if you see something that sounds interesting and a phone number is included - call ahead. They put a phone number in the ad for a reason. Maybe you'll get an early bird special too! ..... I wonder what he told the people who showed up on Friday morning expecting to buy some antique doors.

Great find Karla!


Karla said...

Yes, that's my story. Now, what to do with the doors? Well, first things first, sweep them off, clean them up, shine the glass and then... who knows? I've always wanted to make a table from a door or use one to display a favorite collection of plates or pictures. I haven't decided, but I do know that 16 is probably 13 to many to keep. Drats!

Jeralee said...

What a deal! Too hard to pass up a good deal like that!
I got a chuckle out of your comment of accumulating faster than you can paint. LOL

Hmm... that sounds suspiciously like me.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see what you do with the doors...and I know about more things than you can paint! Story of my life LOL