Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 in Wreaths

If you follow along, you probably already know that my very favorite craft project is making wreaths!

And it's not at all unusual for friends to drop by my house with a roll of ribbon and ask me to make them a bow. I am happy to oblige!

I started out making wreaths to decorate our house on Main Street for our occasional tag sales. We host at least one per season, so making wreaths just seemed like a good idea. Next thing I knew people were asking to buy them and I was taking custom orders. Now my house usually looks something like this prior to a tag sale!

 I've even made wreaths for weddings. I find wreath making fun and very relaxing. And once I get started, it's hard to stop. I rarely ever make just one!

For our holiday sale, I made some wreaths that I thought would transition well into winter. I love using these cotton branches. They look like little snowballs, don't you think?

In the spring, I got hooked on the burlap bubble wreaths and shared my tutorial here. They are super easy and definitely addictive! 

I made the little nests to decorate them too.

 Spring wreaths transitioned right into summer.

The fall wreaths might be my favorites. I love the colors, the texture and the mix of flowers and berries. I shared a tutorial here.

Christmas wreaths are fun and frosty! I made a bunch this year, but most of those pictures were lost in the computer crash.

And I make ruffled sheet music wreaths all through the year. 

I shared a tutorial here.

If you made it all the way to the end, you are surely convinced that I love making wreaths!


Laurel Stephens said...

This is the BEST and most delightful collection of gorgeous wreaths anywhere on the internet. And to think one person -you!- created all of them is pretty astounding and impressive. I'm so glad you did a recap of these beauties because now I'm inspired to make one for my front door for this spring. They're all so beautiful, I don't know how I'll chose which one to copy. :)

marie said...

You make beautiful wreaths...they're all wonderful!! My favorite is the red, white, and blue one with the Eucalyptus. So pretty!!

priscilla said...

Love them all ! I need to find some cotton !

My Repurposed Life said...

so envious of your wreath skills! Here's my question to you.... while writing this post -- were you itching to make a wreath? That's when you know you're addicted!

I feel that way about headboard benches.

ps love every one of them!

Hetty said...

Sharon, you are so good at it, I love all of them! Especially when you incorporate burlap or those cotton branches. Very artfully done!