Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Garden Happenings

At the end of each month, I've been sharing a bit of on what's been happening in the gardens.
July is always the month that the vegetable garden really starts producing. Weather plays a big part in what does well each year. The radishes for example, just were not happy with the early heat and they dried right up. And I only got two tiny green peppers. The green beans on the other hand, just went a little crazy.
The plants quickly became lush and full. We usually have good luck with green beans, more than enough to eat and plenty to share.
We plant bush beans in green and yellow.
And the first colander of beans is pretty exciting. I'm happy to eat fresh from the garden beans every night of the week.


But then they just kept coming and coming ...


and haven't stopped yet.
I just took these photos, so you can see that there are many more beans in my future!
The tomatoes aren't quite ready yet, but I've made some delicious fried green tomatoes - a wonderful summer side dish!
The gourds and the pumpkins are now taking over the bed where the peas were harvested.
Keeping the vines contained in the raised beds is pretty much impossible. Right now our goal is just to keep them out of the bed with the carrots and red beets.
And here's a little peek at what's been happening in the flower gardens. Luckily we've had plenty of overnight showers, so we haven't had to do much watering. And once established, perennials really don't require as much water as annuals - a big plus in my mind!
I'm a big fan of shade gardens. Shade provides a wonderful opportunity to play with color and texture in a completely different way. Lamb's Ear is just delightful to touch!
Astilbe provides bright pops of color.
There are just so many interesting varieties of ferns and hosta.
But I have to admit, I love hosta for the color and texture of their leaves, not for their flowers. They somehow feel "messy" to me and I often chop the flowers right off!

Coral Bells is another shade favorite.

And the oak leaf hydrangea has wonderful flowers and
really fabulous foliage!
So that's what's been happening in my garden this month.
Thanks so much for joining me!
I hope to see you tomorrow for our August Garden Party!


Dawn said...

OMG everyting is just glorious. I love how full your flower gardens are and looks like your getting an abundant veggie harvest. This has been one of my favorite posts of yours.

Namely Original said...

Loved to see how your garden is progressing! Wish I had more shade for Hastas.

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful garden! Love the share!

Poppy said...

Oh my goodness, Sharon, what a gorgeous, green and colourful garden! You must have worked very hard, administering a lot of TLC, to get such lush and lovely blooms and shade plants. It's just stunning! Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to your August Garden Party!


Kameel huise tussen spore said...

Your garden is beautiful. love it
South Africa

Unknown said...

I always look forward to the monthly posts about your garden. Everything looks so well keeps and lush.

Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

Our Pinteresting Family said...

Everything is so beautiful. You've got quite the harvest too!

Hetty said...

Your garden looks absolutely beautiful!Must be a delight to walk through it.

Unknown said...

Very beautiful Sharon! I hope you will also share it at #tuesdaygardenparty this week at ! xxx....Brooke

My Repurposed Life said...

oh my gosh Sharon--everything is so beautiful! by this time of year, my stuff is struggling to stay alive in the oppressive heat. Although it's better this year, my potted plants are suffering.

beautiful spaces.... so envious!


Pondside said...

Such a beautiful garden! Have you tried pickling your beans - nice and spicy!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

It's all beautiful there :) I just planted a short row of bush beans but got several crops from it. I am considering starting a new bunch ...I might get another harvest before fall is over! :)

Unknown said...

Love your garden, is so beautiful!

Kathy said...

Your garden is beautiful and producing wonderful vegetables - love it! I do appreciate you sharing at Home and Garden Thursday,