Friday, May 30, 2014

May Garden Happenings

 I just love walking through the gardens. There is always something new to enjoy. So I thought I'd share a little tour of what's been happening in the garden this month. From the first spring bulbs to the flowering trees and shrubs, the month of May is always an explosion of color. And it all happens so fast. If you blink (or get busy with a tag sale), you just might miss something!


The azaleas are original to the house and have been relocated several times. They always bloom during the first week of May, just in time for Ryan's birthday. So we now just call them Ryan's azaleas.


I love to tuck succulents into every little nook and cranny.

By the end of the month, the azaleas are finished and the rhododendrons are in full bloom.

Purple is not my favorite garden color, but these shrubs are also original to the house (about 34 years), so they are a sentimental favorite.

 The Chinese Fringe Tree is so beautiful and unique. It smells sweet and reminds us of Hawaii. So we just ignore the fact that it makes us all sneeze!

The vegetables are all planted in their raised beds. Kevin is in charge of the veggies. He's planted tomatoes, peppers, onions, radishes, peas, beans and red beets so far.

And we can't take credit for the beautifully crisp edges and curves of the gardens. My Mother's Day gift every year is a wonderful landscaping crew. They come in and give all the gardens a jump start for the year - weeding, mulching and edging - an amazing gift from my sweet hubby!

Pink Baby's Breath is a new addition this year for baby Clare!

Even a few rusty flowers grow in our garden!


I love my little potting bench by the shed!

 Kevin and I added this meandering stone pathway to the shade garden over the Memorial Day weekend.

It leads to Megan and Liam's wedding arch.

 A flag blowing in the breeze is a sure sign of summer!

The flower beds are all planted with perennials. They are low maintenance and just get bigger and better every year. But I also plant annuals and herbs in pots and keep them close to the house to make watering easier.

I love the chartreuse green of Creeping Jenny. It is a perennial that I find works really well in pots. Repeating the color brings continuity throughout the garden and it helps cut down on the number of annuals I need to buy. Plus the color is just plain fun!

 Chartreuse green Spirea also lines the front walk.

Strawberries are a are a favorite snack for the chipmunks!

 And I'm trying a variety of blueberry that grows in a pot. We'll see how that goes.

And finally, we have screens covering the pond at the moment because .....

we're trying to protect the fish .....

from this most unwelcome guest!
Yes he's pretty, but he eats our fish!!!

So there you have it. That's what's been happening in my garden over the last few weeks. I hope you feel like you joined me for a walk. And I hope you're not too tired, that was a long one!

I'll be back on Sunday with our June Garden Party!
I can't wait to share features from our May Garden Party
and see what's new in your garden!
Elizabeth and Co.


dandelionpicker said...

OMG your garden is gorgeous!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

your yard is so lovely I'm green with envy. thank you for a peek at all your work and beauty.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I sure have one beautiful everything that you have done...the waterfall is really awesome (I've always wanted one).


Pat said...

WOW!! Your yard is so amazing...I didn't know what to look at first. What a wonderful treat from your hubby too.

NanaDiana said...

I forget from year to year how truly gorgeous your gardens are, Sharon. They are spectacular. You have a wonderful eye for gardening. I hope you are able to enjoy many happy moments out there this summer! xo Diana

Susan - Uniquely Yours or Mine said...

You have such a beautiful and peaceful looking yard! I know it must be a joy to sit out there and enjoy it.

Cassie Bustamante said...

wow- your yard is just so gorgeous! want to come over and landscape mine?

Anonymous said...

Your garden is just spectacular!!

My Repurposed Life said...


You have such a beautiful space and lovely flowers! I've never heard of a chinese fringe tree....
I have a small pond and I keep a bird net (for fruit trees) over it to protect my fish from predators. It's barely visible from a distance and works great for keep leaves and such out too.

thanks so much for sharing all of this beauty with us!


Sheila said...

OMGosh Sharon ... Can I come and hang out in your yard ... we can have some sweet tea and enjoy all that beauty !!! I would love to have my yard look like yours. Textures and colors everywhere. Thanks for the wonderful tour. Great inspiration too ;-)


Unknown said...

Your garden is simply stunning! What a treasure and I know you must love working in it and enjoying it.

Anonymous said...


Hetty said...

Oh Sharon, your garden looks so tranquil and beautiful. Thanks for sharing all those stunning pictures.

One More Time Events said...

I don't even know where to start… your yard..your garden…the pond… WOW I love it! BEAUTiFUL!!!

Laurel Stephens said...

Sharon, that was such a treat! Your garden is my all time favorite, simply breathtaking, and your photographs are just stunning! I will enjoy looking at every detail of this post over and over again, from the gorgeous azaleas and rhododendrons to that big fluffy fern on the front porch. Your pots are perfection, and I really love that perennial Creeping Jenny. Everything looks so healthy and lush. I wish I could learn all your gardening secrets. Thank you so much for sharing your garden. It's such an inspiration for my own little gardening endeavors!

gai said...

Sharon, just beautiful! Our son Liam is marrying his partner Megan this summer. Is that an indigo plant? And what a thoughtful hubby to hire a crew to get the spring started.
Thanks for the tour.

Custom Comforts said...

Wow! What a gorgeous back yard you have. I think if I had a yard like that, I would never leave it. Everything is just beautiful, perfectly taken care of and blooming to perfection. I could sit there forever.

Custom Comforts said...

Wow! What a gorgeous back yard you have. I think if I had a yard like that, I would never leave it. Everything is just beautiful, perfectly taken care of and blooming to perfection. I could sit there forever.

Unknown said...

Sharon, I am just blown away by all the prettiness in your garden. So pretty!

Mary @ Orphans With Makekup

Sanditerese said...

You have a beautiful garden! Ours is just beginning. I hope it looks like this one day!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

I love love love your garden. I must follow just to take my time and look all through again.

Katie said...

Wow! This is such an amazing garden Sharon! It has become so lush and full! I don't know how you ever make yourself go back inside! This must be such a relaxing space for you!