Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wall That Started It All

We spent an entire week watching men cutting down, trimming and pruning trees. That was just the beginning of this project.

And this is the wall that started it all. Doesn't every project start with one little thing that snowballs into a major undertaking?

When we moved here 27 years ago, this was one of our first outdoor projects. Our lot was almost entirely wooded. We cleared an area for the kids to play and put in a perennial bed and a timber wall.

We can hardly complain after 27 years, but now the wall is rotting and just has to be replaced.

The old wall was long, straight and a bit boring.

It was here this morning, but disappeared by lunch.

The new wall will be big, bold and curvy!

And that's where these beauties are going.

They seem to be multiplying!

They arrive all wrapped up like little presents.

And although they look pretty big to me, our landscaper says the really big boulders will arrive later this week.

Aren't they cool?

Megan says it looks like we're building a mountain out there!

Have I mentioned that I just love watching projects come together!


NanaDiana said...

You had me at ROCKS. I love stonework and rocks! I can't wait to see it come together! xo Diana

Cassie Bustamante said...

that wall is going to rock! he he lame joke. ;)
it really is going to look awesome- i love natural stone walls.

ASHLEE said...

Can't wait to see the end project!

I know what you mean about one little thing snowballing into a huge project. This year we replaced our OLD heat pump with a natural gas one...that led to gutting the kitchen!