Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tag Sale Countdown! - Part three

Only three days to go!

So, we're almost there! I think everything now has a tag. I guess that's pretty important if you are having a tag sale. We started with sticky notes on everything. We each had a color. Pricing was hard! What is a fair price? Even if you get a really great deal on something, you often spend many hours working on it, not to mention all the receipts for paint and supplies that pile up really quickly. And not everything starts out as a great deal. And then there is the love factor - the piece that you dearly love, but just can't quite squeeze into your house. Yup, pricing was really hard! And parting with a few things is going to be even harder!!!

So, here's a little room-by-room tour of how it's shaping up!

There will be stuff on the front porch -

And the back porch -

The living room -

The dining room -

The kitchen -

Bedroom #1 -

And bedroom #2 -

It's not quite finished. We'll be working right up until the moment the doors open. Lots of little details to add! And believe it or not, I'm still painting. I know, I said I wouldn't. But I'm just doing a few little things. And Karla and Susan are putting a few finishing touches on things as well.
We're almost there!


NanaDiana said...

Okay...I didn't realize this was at a house...is it actually a house someone lives in...or is it a house for the specific purpose of selling things? I see a few things I would like if I lived closer so I know you will have a successful sale. Lots of work though, isn't it? Diana

Cassie Bustamante said...

it all looks so fabulous, sharon! i hope you guys sell out!!!

cindy said...

I see soooo many things I'd love to have!

the girlfriend gap said...

You gals are amazing! it ALL looks Wonderful! I think about you everytime I go to a garage sale. Wondering what I can "Cutesy" up. Cheering you on from Iowa. Hope you have a successful day! Wish I could come. I would have a hard time NOT buying anyting by the looks of the pictures!

Crystal said...

Hello Elizabeth and Co I have been following your blog for a couple weeks now and am so excited to see that your only about an hour away from where I am. It looks like I have plans this weekend. ;D Good luck with you tag sale!

Nancyella said...

Trying something new with my Google account.