Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meet Elizabeth & Co.

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the girls of Elizabeth & Co. - Susan, Karla and Sharon (yes, that's me).

We share a love of all things vintage. The more rusty, crusty and chippy, the better. We like things with character, lots of character. You know, the kind of things that people wonder how we'll ever fix, when we know they are already perfect just the way they are.

We've known each other for a while. When our children were younger, we worked together on school booster activities. We swap stories about places to shop (meaning tag sales, thrift stores and flea markets), good finds and great deals. We share adventures in refinishing, refurbishing and repurposing. We love the thrill of the hunt and that one really great, unexpected find that we really don't need, but just can't live without.

Last summer, at Karla's 4th of July party, we started tossing around questions that all started with - what if. Actually, we've spent the whole last year asking qestions that start with what if. What if we pursued our passion for vintage stuff? What if we teamed up? What if we actually did something with the stash of stuff we've been collecting? What if we got busy on some of those projects swimming around in our heads? What if we spent our entire summer working in our garages? (Ok, maybe that was not exactly how we planned it.) What if we had a vintage inspired tag sale? What if we wrote a blog about our adventures? Maybe one day we'd have a website too. ... Well, you get the idea. We have new what ifs every single day.

So far, we've started the blog and people are actually reading it - a huge thank you!!! We really are spending most of our time in our garages this summer working on projects. And as you can see, we're having a tag sale.

We don't have answers to all of our questions. But we're determined to enjoy the ride, wherever it takes us. Just a couple of girls chasing after a dream!

People have asked us how we came up with Elizabeth & Co. We wanted a name that was classic, pretty, flowed nicely in print, would stand the test of time and represented all three of us.

Meet Susan's daughter Megan Elizabeth, Karla's daughter Lauren Elizabeth and my daughter Megan Elizabeth. They are beautiful, smart, funny and definitely inspiring! We were just meant to be Elizabeth & Co.

Thanks for joining us on our little adventure! We are lucky to have each other and blessed with supportive families and really patient husbands. Not knowing exactly where we are going is half the fun. We'll see what happens together!!!


Cassie Bustamante said...

how nice to be able to work with like-minded women! glad you guys are making the "what-ifs" come true. best of luck in your september sale!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS NAME!!!! It's perfect. I'm so glad that I've discovered your blog now. I'll definitely be following.

Christa @ Stories of a House said...

That's really really neat! What a beautiful name for your blog :) Surely, it was meant to be!

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Oh my goodness . . . how fun that your daughters all have that in common. What a great group of friends you are. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Debbie @ MeandMyDIY said...

Well, I'm a little late to the party, but I just now read this post about the name of your blog and how you came up with it. How fun that all three of your daughters have Elizabeth as their middle name. Elizabeth makes perfect sense now. And you're right, not only is it a pretty sounding name, but it looks pretty too in print. Wonder why? Is it the z do you think? In any case, thanks for explaining it, and congratulations on your upcoming blog anniversary next month!