Sunday, May 30, 2010


I recently read a quote that I just loved. “Your dreams need to be bigger than your fears”. That really resonated with me. So, here we go, my first blog entry. My dreams are bigger than my fears!

I discovered the blog world quite by accident while helping my daughter plan her wedding. She did not want a totally traditional cookie-cutter wedding that looked like every other wedding. She wanted something sweet and simple that totally reflected her personality and that of her groom-to-be. We were all about the details. Could we add lots of personal touches and a bit of vintage charm to a wedding? You bet! We were so inspired by all the fabulous wedding blogs out there. And the end result was a picture perfect vineyard wedding that still makes us smile every time we think of it. Perfection!

For weeks after the wedding, I was still checking out the wedding blogs. I still sneak a peek every now and again. But much to my delight, I discovered that there are blogs about all the things I love – home, gardening, decorating, collecting, tag sales, thrift store shopping, all things vintage, furniture transformations and so much more. A fabulous find with a great patina and a little chippy paint – love it! I’ve even met a few of the lovely girls who write about what I love. Oh, so much inspiration!

My tag line pretty much says it all. Take a deep breath, you’re home! Those words are written on a sign that hangs in my laundry room, just above the coat hooks. I want it to be the first thing my family sees when they walk in the door – a gentle reminder. Your home should be your haven, your sanctuary, your safe place to land. And you have the power to create the home that suits you best. Dream it, create it!

So, drop by from time-to-time. I hope you’ll be inspired! Let me know what home means to you.

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Gail said...

Hi Sharon,

Love everything about your site.........colors are great too. Your home looks wonderful and so cozy. Yes your home is your haven and safe place. You surely have a knack for writing. I'll definitely be checking back. My heart is in my home! Gail Buss