Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best Find Ever!

I haven't been to a yard sale, flea market or tag sale in weeks. I've been in my garage focused on one thing - painting, painting and more painting! My husband's goal is to get his car back in the garage by Labor Day. My goal is to get my car back in the garage before the first snow. But this weekend I felt the need to see what was out there. Don't you always feel like you're missing something if you're not out there?

My husband even tagged along this time. He'a a good sport, but does have a little trouble with the quick stops. You know, you are heading to an advertised sale, but need to stop at three other sales you just happen to see along the way.

So, we made it to a few advertised and a few unadvertised sales and a small flea market. I found a few goodies along the way. No furniture, but maybe that's a good thing.

Our last stop was a little sale (unadvertised of course) in a parking lot of what looked like a warehouse. I had to yell "pull over" at the last second. Poor guy, I really keep him on him on his toes!

And there it was - maybe my best find ever!

Remember when I did the little blue end table for Ryan and I lined the drawer with a map of Baltimore? Ryan has always loved maps. He's an engineer. And he loves living in the Federal Hill neighborhood in downtown Baltimore. ... Well Ryan, you won't need that little map in your drawer. You now have the most amazing map of Baltimore!

I should mention that it's big.

Really, really big. ... Like 50" x 68", take up a whole wall big!!!

It's a cool pull-down projection map and it's in absolutely perfect condition - no tears, no cracks, no fading.

It was marked $45, but when I mentioned that was out of my price range, the seller countered with $10! I hadn't even started negotiating yet!

I can't find a date on the map, but it is clearly old. I guess I need to do a little research. But regardless of what I find, to me it's priceless. I get really excited when I find just the perfect thing for someone. ... And this map is absolutely perfect for Ryan!

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NanaDiana said...

What a cool find! Ryan will love it! Now...about those shipping
Some days you jsut luck out! Diana

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

what a great find! you are going to keep that, right? you should- it's awesome!

Petie said...

That looks like a great map. Ryan's lucky to have you keeping an eye out for him :)

Ryan Beaver said...

Looks like I better clear some wall space...

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

How fun, and I'm sure he'll love it!

jennifer said...

I have a similar map to yours but it is of one county in the state of Alabama. It was a map used by the power company. I have it hanging on the wall of my daughter's room.

Great find!!

Sherrie said...

I love it when I find something that is just perfect for the recipient. My best gifts don't come from the mall. I would have been excited too. Thanks for sharing.

Angie said...

What an awesome find! I love it when you stop on a whim like that and it just seems meant to be. Yay for you!

Hugs ~ Angie