Sunday, March 30, 2014

All The Way From Florida!

We decided to kick off our tag sale season a little early this year. It didn't feel quite like spring outside. It was rainy, windy and cold! We even had to shovel a little snow off the front sidewalk before we opened the doors. But that's okay, our customers always bring their own sunshine. And in this case, we had a little extra Florida sunshine from these two lovely ladies!
We always start our sale weekends with a Wednesday evening preview beginning at 3:00 PM. I received this email a few hours before we opened.
My sister and I are here from Florida. We can't wait till 3:00!
Cathy & Missy
And of course I'm thinking ... how nice that our sale coincides with their visit to Maryland.
Well guess what ... Cathy and Missy drove from Florida to Maryland just to visit our tag sale! They are long-time blog readers and just always wanted to come to a sale, so they did!
Our first reaction was ... NO YOU DID NOT!
We were totally blown away!!!
I mapquested it, that's over 900 miles and about 14 hours of driving each way!
Cathy and Missy ... thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It was a pleasure to meet you and you made us feel so very special. We are still smiling! Hope you enjoyed your trip to Maryland!
I've said it before, I just love the people we meet along the way!
And what wonderful inspiration!
Is there something you've always wanted to do?
Maybe you just need to do it!!!


NanaDiana said...

Whooo Hoooo! How exciting! Isn't it amazing to know that someone loves you and what you do enough to do that-to make that long of a drive? I hope they found a few "bargains" there that they could take home. xo Diana

Judy Pimperl said...

I should have hitched a ride with them from the South! I would love to drive up some day as well. I know they enjoyed it!

Debra said...

That is just awesome!! Maybe I will be able to get there some day for a tag sale, you just never know right. :-) Have a great week.

Twice Nice said...

That is just so amazing and fun!

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Oh how fun! Perhaps I should schedule a first ever trip to the East coast myself :)

BarbaraAnn said...

Sounds like girls after my own heart!
Way to go...

Our Pinteresting Family said...

Seriously so amazing!! What wonderful ladies!

SunnyCal said...

Great stuff!! Wish you were closer. From what I can tell, your prices look great too!!
- Linda from Cali

marie said...

I'm sure they thought it was totally worth it! We sure enjoyd our first visit! (but we only drove an hour!!)
I shared some photos of the things I bought on my blog today. Here's the link, if you'd like a peek!
I'm lookinf forward to y next visit!


Hetty said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I spent some time this winter in Florida and I love those Floridians!

Kim said...

Wow! They deserve their own customer appreciation day! Gee, I wish I lived closer!